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Western Canada Quarter Section Maps for Garmin GPS

Western Canada Quarter Section Maps for Garmin GPS

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What is this product?

Our GPS Section Finder Maps are custom-made add-on maps for Garmin vehicle GPS that allow you to search for and navigate to any quarter section by legal land location. GPS Section Finder also adds an overlay to the Garmin base-map that shows you quarter section boundaries and adds labels to the map when you zoom in.


What will I receive?

You will receive a pre-programmed Micro-SD card containing quarter section maps of Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba that you insert into your Garmin GPS. The Garmin GPS is NOT included.


Who Is This Product For?

If you live and work on the Prairies, you know you can’t rely on cell coverage, despite what the network operators tell us! Using a Garmin Nuvi GPS with our custom maps will show you where you are, and let you find and navigate to where you need to go.

We have hundreds of users, ranging from crop consultants and insurance adjusters, to aerial and ground custom applicators, and even satellite TV installers and trades people! If you need to find rural locations, everyone knows their legal land description, so using our maps makes this the easiest way to get there.


How it works

Our custom maps contain the quarter section parcel lines, as well as labels for each quarter section. The map files also include custom points of interest that allow you to search for a legal description in a similar way to searching for stores, restaurants, etc.

Download the Instruction Manual Here


Compatible GPS Units

While the maps should run on all Garmin Nuvi and Drive/DriveSmart models, if you’re looking to purchase one we recommend one of the following as we’ve found them to run the maps well and provide fast search of land locations:

  • Garmin DriveSmart™ Series (e.g. DriveSmart 50/51/60/61)
  • Garmin Drive Series (e.g. Drive 50/51/60/61)
  • Garmin Nuvi 40/50


What It Doesn't Do

The custom maps only add land location data and overlays to the factory-installed base-map and operating software. They will not add any new roads, or update the way the GPS calculates routes, etc. 

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