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USA and Canada 6 to 72 Hour Rainfall Forecast Mapping Service

USA and Canada 6 to 72 Hour Rainfall Forecast Mapping Service

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Unlimited access to North America Rainfall Prediction Mapping from GIS4Ag. 

Our unique online rainfall prediction mapping offers users real-time forecasts for the entire USA and Canada, utilizing reliable Environment Canada model data. Updated four times daily, our service provides detailed rainfall predictions for future intervals of 6, 12, 24, 48, and 72 hours. The intuitive color-coded interface allows users to easily interpret the predicted rainfall amounts in either centimeters or inches. This powerful tool is essential for professionals in agriculture, event planning, construction, and anyone who needs to plan ahead with precision based on weather conditions. Subscribe now to gain access to timely, accurate, and actionable rainfall forecasts tailored to enhance your decision-making and operational efficiency.

Try it risk free for 14 days: If you find the rainfall prediction maps don't meet your needs, please Contact Us within the first 14 days for a no questions asked refund.

How to Complete Your Signup

  1. Check your inbox (and spam folder!) for an email from The Mango Team. This email will usually arrive within 24 hours of your order.

  2. Click the "Accept Invitation" link in the email and create your password. Choose a password you'll easily remember.

  3. Bookmark this link for future access:

That's it! You can now sign in with your email and password to explore the map portal.

Disclaimer: Our rainfall prediction map utilizes data from the median of all quantile prediction models provided by Environment Canada, aiming to forecast the most probable scenario. While this method generally improves the reliability of our predictions across the USA and Canada, it is essential for users to recognize its limitations. Specifically, our model is designed to forecast typical conditions and may not capture sudden, localized weather phenomena such as severe storms, which can emerge unexpectedly and are not always reflected in median scenario predictions. We advise users to consult additional weather sources and use their judgment when planning activities that are weather-dependent. This service does not substitute for professional meteorological advice or emergency weather warnings. Use of this predictive data is at the user's own risk.

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