Ag Leader SMS Advanced Software Activation

Ag Leader SMS Advanced Software Activation

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What Is Ag Leader SMS Software?

We have worked with all the leading farm data management GIS software over the past decade, and hands down Ag Leader’s SMS Software is the best. Many of the GIS features and functionality found in SMS Software can only be found elsewhere in professional GIS packages costing tens of thousands of dollars.

SMS Software comes in 3 versions: Basic, Advanced, and Mobile. To summarize, here are the main differences:

  • SMS Basic is designed primarily for farm users, and will let you manage all of your spatial farm data (field boundaries, yield maps, variety maps, as applied maps, etc etc), as well as create your own prescriptions that can be loaded into just about any display.
  • SMS Advanced is designed for crop consultants or those looking for greater analytical functionality. With Advanced you can run correlation analyses, build complex formulas and equations, and batch process your data (this is a HUGE time saver if you are dealing with multiple farms and fields). Additional paid extensions allow you to design tile drainage layouts, design research plots, and more.
  • SMS Mobile is designed to be taken into the field on a Windows tablet or laptop and used with a connected GPS receiver to collect field boundaries, record elevation data, etc. It's not used for any real data processing tasks.


What Do I Receive?

When you order this product you will receive an activation code for the software version you ordered, along with instructions on how to complete the activation process.

Typically we provide this the same day, but occasionally it takes up to 24 hours to receive the activation code.


How Do I Activate

We'll email you instructions (it's very simple). 

Beforehand, you should download and install the free trial version from the Ag Leader website and create an account (if not prompted, run SMS, open a new Project, then click on Help>Register).

Be sure to select the correct version during the install process - a lot of people install the demo of Advanced, but purchase the activation for Basic, and then email in complaining the activation doesn't work. If you did install the trial version of Advanced, you'll need to uninstall and reinstall and select Basic this time if you bought the activation for Basic.


What Does My Activation Include?

Check the table below to see what your activation includes. To continue to receive product updates and Ag Leader telephone support after the initial 12 month period, you'll be required to purchase ongoing Software Maintenance directly from Ag Leader (they will send you a reminder when it's time). Costs of Maintenance are also shown below:

Product Software Maintenance Included in Initial Activation Cost Ongoing Software Maintenance Cost AgFiniti Acres Included (while current in Maintenance)
SMS Basic 12 Months US$225/yr 3,000 acres
SMS Advanced 12 Months US$595/yr 15,000 acres
SMS Mobile PC 12 Months US$60/yr N/A