W. Canada Legal Subdivision to Coordinates Access and CSV Databases



Product Description

Western Canada Legal Subdivision Geocode Data available for Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba. Allows developers to create applications that can return coordinates based on user-input legal land location data. Convert any Legal Subdivision to map coordinates.

Please note that these are Legal Subdivision data. Legal subdivisions are 40ac parcels whereby each quarter section is further divided into 4 parcels. Legal subdivision references are typically used in the oil and gas industry, and not commonly used in agriculture or general utilities. These data were created by dividing quarter section polygon boundaries into a further 4 quarters, and the coordinate data refer to the centroid of these subdivision parcels.

In response to numerous requests, we have created and made available geocoding databases that allow the latitude and longitude of legal land locations to be generated. ​​​​​​​​​​​If you are building an application where you need to convert Legal Subdivision – Section – Township – Range – Meridian into Lat/Lon coordinates then you will definitely find this useful and valuable. ​

It has taken a significant number of hours to source, compile, and perform the required adjustments on these data to be able to provide them in this format. If you need western Canada legal description geocode data we are sure our data provides significantly better value than undertaking this work in-house.

All data are supplied in Access Database and CSV text format and available for immediate download after purchase

Each database contains the coordinates, in decimal degrees, of every subdivision in the respective province. The data are provided in a variety of column configurations. For maximum compatibility with a variety of end users, the data are provided in .csv format. Sample data are provided for you to test before purchasing, once you are satisfied the data are suited to your purpose, and you’ve read the EULA to ensure the data may be used for your project, you can purchase and download the data from the Store.

Please read the EULA before purchasing.

Sample versions are available for evaluation. Please scroll down the page to download them

Download sample data sets to test before purchasing:

  • Alberta Sample Data download here
  • Saskatchewan Sample Data download here
  • Manitoba Sample Data download here