Canadian Prairies Legal Land Description to Map Coordinates Databases


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Product Description

Are you developing a custom application that requires conversion of a land location into map coordinates?

Save Time, Cost, and Effort

We have compiled CSV tables that contain the land location descriptions and lat/lon map coordinates for each point, ready for deployment in your application

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Alberta Data

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Saskatchewan Data

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Manitoba Data

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What’s Included in the Canadian Data?

  • Centroid Coordinates for every Section + Quarter Section
  • Centroid Coordinates for every half section (south half, east half, etc)
  • Various data columns to fit with your query formats
  • Each land location also tagged with RM or County (this isn’t in the sample data but is in the purchased products)

Prefixes Used

  • No Prefix in CSV data = Section Centre
  • NW = Centre of NW Quarter
  • SW = Centre of SW Quarter
  • NE = Centre of NE Quarter
  • NW = Centre of NW Quarter
  • NH = Centre of Northern Half Section
  • EH = Centre of Eastern Half Section
  • SH = Centre of Southern Half Section
  • WH = Centre of Western Half Section

Manitoba River Lots and the Prime Meridian

A common area of confusion for those dealing with the Manitoba data are that some land locations use W (or W1) and some E (or E1). This is correct, and the reason for it is that the primary meridian (i.e. the centre of Canada) passes through Manitoba. Therefore all land locations east of the prime meridian will be E1 and all locations to the west are W1.

Manitoba also has a relatively high number of river lots. These are found along river banks on major rivers. These have a completely different naming convention, typically beginning with an abbreviation of the RM, followed by RL and then numbers. The Manitoba CSV data include the river lot centroids, however if you need to be able to identify the actual parcels then the shapefile or Google Earth overlays we also sell on the site may be needed.