USA PLSS Section Maps for Garmin Nuvi GPS Units


Currently only download option is available

If you opt for download delivery it will be available via 'My Account' immediately after completing the checkout process – scroll down this page for full instructions.

Do you need a combination of States not listed? Please send a message using the product inquiry form (below) and we'll create & add it and notify you when ready. Please don't try to download and install multiple individual State files onto a single SD card – it won't work! (You'd need to install one State per SD card).


Product Description

Rural Navigation Solution

If you live and work on the Prairies, you know you can't rely on cell coverage, despite what the network operators tell us! Using a Garmin Nuvi GPS with our custom maps will show you where you are, and let you find and navigate to where you need to go.

How it works

Our custom maps contain the PLSS section parcel lines, as well as labels for each section. The map files also include custom points of interest that allow you to search for a PLSS legal description in a similar way to searching for stores, restaurants, etc.

You can opt for two different delivery methods: 
  1. Order a physical MicroSD card that we ship to you. The card will be pre-programmed with the custom maps. You simply insert it into your Garmin and voila!
  2. Opt for the download method. This requires that you download the required map files, unzip and copy them onto your own blank MicroSD card. If that doesn’t sound easy to you, please order the physical card version!

Compatible Units

The map overlays will work on all Garmin Nuvi models. Depending on the model, the search method is slightly different. To determine which method you’ll need to use, tap the ‘Where To?’ button on your GPS:

  • On models  that show you an option for ‘Points of Interest’ > ‘Spell Name’ you simply enter the land location on this screen and hit search
  • On newer models where you see a list of categories you’ll need to tap that, then scroll until you see an option for ‘Custom POI’s’. You will search using this method

Please Play Fair

One download license is required for each user. If you plan to download the maps and deploy to multiple users you need to purchase a license for each user by adjusting the quantity before adding to cart. Discounts available for multiple purchases – add required number of download licenses to cart to see discounted rates

Delivery Methods

If you purchase a physical MicroSD card product then we’ll ship you a card as fast as possible. If you opt for the download version then you’ll need to use the login information you create during checkout to acccess the ‘My Account’ area of the site. From here you’ll see a list of your orders plus links to download and downloadable purchases.

How to Install if Purchasing the Download Version

Step 1

  • You’ll need a Micro SD card to copy files onto
  • Needs to be minimum 1GB
  • Make sure you also have an adapter to fit your card reader
  • Older GPS units may require firmware update to support SDHC cards (4GB and larger)

Step 2

  • Complete the checkout process
  • Go to the My Account area using the menu button
  • If required, log-in using the email and password you used at checkout
  • You’ll see your products under Available downloads

Step 3

  • Download the zipped file to your computer
  • Be sure to save it somewhere you can find it!

Step 4

  • Locate the zipped file you downloaded
  • Right click on it and choose ‘Extract Here’ or similar
  • You may have different options depending on installed programs

Step 5

  • You should now see a folder called ‘Garmin’
  • You need to copy this folder onto your SD card
  • Do not edit the contents of the Garmin folder – just copy it onto the card!
  • Either use Copy & Paste or right click on the folder and use ‘Send to’ to copy the folder onto the SD card

Step 6

  • On the SD card you should now have the folder called ‘Garmin’
  • Open the folder and confirm there are files inside
  • You should see a file called GMAPSUPP + additional POI files
  • Insert the Micro-SD card into your GPS and refer to the instruction manual

Instruction Manuals

Western Canada

Download the Western Canada instruction manual from here

United States

Download the USA instruction manual from here