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The Interactive Manitoba Soils and Agricultural Capability Map has been a valuable resource for our community for many years. I'm grateful for the generous donations that have supported it in the past. However, with rising costs, the donation model is no longer sustainable. While I've received numerous messages expressing support and a willingness to pay for the service, a recent review revealed that many subscriptions had lapsed or encountered billing issues (there were only 2 active subscriptions helping cover the monthly operating costs). To ensure this essential tool remains available and continues to evolve, I'm introducing a fair and value-driven subscription model.

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  • Agricultural Capability:

    "Agricultural Capability Classifications" and "Class Groups" for Manitoba farmland, essential for crop planning and land use optimization.

  • Soil Series Identification:

    "Manitoba Soil Series Codes," "Soil Names," and "Soil Classification details."

  • Soil Composition:

    "Surface Texture", "Sand, Silt, Clay Percentages", and "Stone Percentage" for Manitoba soils, identifying texture groups for agricultural and development planning.

  • Drainage and Water Management:

    "Drainage Class", "Saturated Hydraulic Conductivity", "Salinity Levels," and "Irrigation Suitability" for Manitoba lands, including specialized "Potato Irrigation Ratings."

  • Soil pH

    Soil pH (both pH Ca and Ph2) maps for Manitoba soils.

  • Soil OM & CEC

    Typical Soil Organic Matter (organic carbon) and Cation Exchange Capacity ratings for Manitoba Soils

  • Slope Analysis:

    Detailed "Slope Percentage," "Slope Class," and "Slope Length" for available Manitoba soil polygons," alongside "Erosion Risk" and "Slope Factors" for land management.

  • Irrigation Suitability

    Discover the suitability of soils throughout Manitoba for Irrigation, as well as the considerations and limiting factors.

  • Land Management Considerations:

    Insights into "Topsoil Suitability," "Sand/Gravel Usage," and "Roadfill Quality" within Manitoba, plus specific "Building and Landfill Suitability" assessments.
    *not available for all locations

  • Environmental Planning Attributes:

    "Lagoon," "Septic Field," and "Cover Material Suitability" in Manitoba, vital for environmental impact assessments and sustainable development.
    *not available for all locations

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Now with Advanced Drainage Mapping Included

Explore precision agriculture and project planning with our innovative drainage flow routes layer, essential for Manitoba's water management. Empowering farmers, aiding agronomists, and informing consultants, this tool visualizes natural water flows and efficient drainage paths, making it vital for boosting land productivity and sustainability.

Get Access to the Online Map

Note: Drainage Flow routes are are view-only and data are not available for download in this platform

Uncover Soil Information: Layer by Layer

Visualize Soils with Our Interactive Map Layers

Explore our interactive map's diverse layers, from agricultural capability to pH levels and clay content, offering a detailed glimpse into Manitoba's soil health. Perfect for professionals and enthusiasts alike, this tool illuminates crucial soil characteristics with a simple click, supporting smarter land use and sustainable practices.

Instant Access to In-Depth Soil Series Knowledge

Dive Deeper into Soil Series

Enhance your understanding of Manitoba's soils with direct access to comprehensive soil series descriptions. A simple click on any soil name within our map viewer instantly opens a searchable PDF document, providing you with extensive details on every soil series across the province. From agronomic properties to environmental characteristics, this feature bridges the gap between general data and specialized knowledge, facilitating precise land assessments and strategic planning for farmers, consultants, and researchers alike.

Interactive Soil Insights at Your Fingertips

Unlock Detailed Soil Profiles

Experience the future of land analysis with our dynamic soil map viewer. By simply clicking on any soil polygon, users unlock a treasure trove of detailed information, from agricultural capability to soil texture, drainage, and more. Each attribute is not just a number; we provide easy-to-understand links explaining the significance of these values, ensuring you have the knowledge to make informed decisions. This feature is perfect for anyone seeking to dive deep into the specifics of Manitoba's diverse soil landscape, offering clarity and guidance for land management, agricultural planning, and environmental assessments.

See It In Action

Discover unparalleled Manitoba soil information with our detailed soil map viewer, featuring extensive data on soil series, slope characteristics, and water management for optimal agricultural and environmental planning. Our tool is indispensable for anyone seeking "Manitoba soil composition," "agricultural capability," and "land development suitability," providing critical insights into drainage, salinity, and texture for precise land assessment. Ideal for farmers, environmental planners, developers, and researchers, our platform ensures informed decision-making through in-depth "Manitoba soil analysis" and "land use strategy."

Valuable Applications for Users:

  • Precision Agriculture: Utilize "Manitoba soil data" for tailored farming strategies, efficient irrigation management, and erosion mitigation.
  • Sustainable Development: Leverage detailed soil attributes for "environmental conservation" in Manitoba, assessing land for "building projects" and "infrastructure development."
  • Consultancy Services: Offer expert advice on "soil management" and "agricultural assessment" in Manitoba, enhancing land value and productivity.
  • Educational Research: Access "detailed soil descriptions" and "classification systems" for academic studies or courses focused on Manitoba's agricultural and environmental sciences.